Instructions to authors

General Informations

International multidisciplinary journal „Health an social Work“ is common publication of St. Elisabeth University College of Health and Social Work in Bratislava and Faculty of Health and Social Work Trnava university in Trnava. This scientific journas is issued qurterly in Slovak republic and in Czech republic. It publishes original papers, reviews, informations from practice (casuistics, short communications), commentaries (book reviews, recension, reports from the conferences, invitations) on all aspects on the science and practice of health and helping professions. The journal is aimed at all practicioners in health, health education (students) and other specialists or scientists in public health, laboratory medicine, nursing and also includes helping professions (social work, pedagogy). Editors will consider articles of any isue relating to public health and helping professions. Health and Social Work also publishes Abstract from international conference in CD supplementum. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the „Vancouver style.“

Instructions for Authors – Overview

Manuscript preparation

Language: Manuscript can be submited in one of those langauage: Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, German and in English.

Each manuscript must contain: Title, List of authors, Workplace of authors, Abstract, Keywords, own text, List of references (Bibliography), Contact address / correspondence address + e-mail eventually telephone.

Title: Bold script. Title of article must be written in domestic language of author(s) (listed above) and also in English.

Author(s): list of all authors in accordance with their contribution to study. Surname(s) and Name initial(s) (e.g. Novak J.:).

Workplace: Title of Institution, City and State where the Institution is placed.

Abstract: extent to 15-20 lines. Abstract must be provided as a part of each manuscript. Abstract should be structured (Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion). Abstract must be inscribed in domestic language of author(s) and also in English. Non structured abstracts will not be accepted.

Keywords: from 3 to 6 keywords. Use terms listed in database MEDLINE or in Medical Subject Heading Index Medicus

Text: In original article – research study text should be divided to: Introduction, Material (or Patients) and Methods, Results, Discussion (or combined Results and Discussion), Conclusion. At the end of article: References (List of Literature).
Publication with theoretical character should be divided into: introduction, core of work, conclusion, Literature.

Unpublished observations and personal communications will not be accepted as references in the bibliography. References in manuscript should be listed in alphabetically order and then numbered rather than consecutively. For citation use angle brackets [ ].

Literature provide in following form:
Book: [X] Author(s) – Surname(s), Name initial(s).: title of book publication, Place (city), Publisher, year (XXXX), Pages, ISBN.
Article: [X] Author(s) – Surname(s), Name Initial(s): title of article, Journal (abbreviated), year (xxxx), volume, number, pages (from-to: x-xx), ISSN.
Examples of citation of book (en block):
[1] Beňo P., Tarcsiová D., Capíková S.: Komunikácia so sluchovo postihnutými v zdravotníctve a sociálnej práci. Trnava: Typi Universitatis Tyrnaviensis. Trnavská univerzita v Trnave, Fakulta zdravotníctva a sociálnej práce. 1.vydanie 2012. 182 p. ISBN 978-80-8082-510-2.
Example of citation – chapter in book:
[2] Beňo P.: Komunikácia so sluchovo postihnutými v zdravotníctve a sociálnej práci. str. 171-267. In: Beňo P., Tarcsiová D., Capíková S.: Komunikácia so sluchovo postihnutými v zdravotníctve a sociálnej práci. Bratislava: Vydavateľstvo Typi Universitatis Tyrnaviensis a VEDA SAV, 2014. 272 p. 2nd revised Edition. ISBN 978-80-8082-786-1.
Examples of citation from journal:
[3] Karvaj M., Beno P., Fedor-Freybergh P.G.: Positive effect of flavonoids to cardiovascular and central nervous system. Neuro Endocrinol Lett. ISSN 0172-780X. 2007; 28 Suppl 4: 1-3.

[4] Beno P., Krcmery V., Demitrovicova A.: Bacteraemia in cancer patients caused by colistin-resistant Gram-negative bacilli after previous exposure to ciprofloxacin and/or colistin. Clin Microbiol Infect. ISSN 1198-743X. 2006; 12(5): 497-8.

Contact address / Correspondence
Clearly identify the corresponding author and provide complete address with academic degree and postal code for sending of author´s exemplar

Additional instructions
For word processing use programm MS Word. Line spacing: 1.15 or 1.5. Use 12 point Times New Roman font. Italicize scientific names (e.g. microorganisms) when needed. Cite all tables and figures in text. Submit the electronic version (xls. jpg, tif files) whenever possible Tables: Create tables within MS Word´s table tool. Do not format tables as columns or tabs. Tables should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals (e.g. Table 1 or Tab. 1; do not use Table No 1 or Tab. No 1). Give each table a brief or concise title. Figures (Illustrations): Give each figure a brief or concise legend. Figures should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals (e.g. Figure 1 or Fig. 1; do not use Figure No 1 or Fig. No 1).

Do not use for parentheses the shlash /. Use angle brackets [ ] for citations. Shlash can be used only in mathematical terms. Describe statistical methods with enough detail to allow reproduction of the study by other researcher. Use standard abbreviation. Define all abbreviations in parentheses at the first citation. Avoid abbreviation in the title or in abstract (summary).

Role of the funding sources: all sources of the fundings should be declarred as an acknowledgement at the end of the text. Authors should declare the role of study sponsors, if any in the study design, in the data collection, analysis and interpretation of data (grant support, conflict of interest, etc.); in the writing of manuscript and in the decision to submit the manuscript for publication.

Please, send manuscript in electronic form (do not use pdf format) to redactor in chief on this mail address:
All manuscripts are reviewed by the editors and members of editorial board. After receipt the manuscript will be sent to two reviewers and processed as expeditiously as possible. Identities of reviewers are kept confidential.